Multispectral imaging

Highly specialised non-invasive art diagnosis

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Multispectral Imaging

Egyptian blue in the Holy Cross Chapell in Müstair

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Art diagnosis in practice

Project video Leonardo da Vinci

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Documentation and art diagnosis

Giotto in the Cappella Peruzzi, Santa Croce

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A selection of my approx. 300 projects will give you a comprehensive insight into my work.

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Multispectral imaging Nefertiti

Staatliche Museen Preußischer Kulturbesitz Berlin, 1353-1336 BC

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Multispectral imaging Umberto Boccioni

Guggenheim Foundation and Gabinetto dei Disegni Milano 1912

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Until 2015, I will be supporting
the Opificio delle Pietre Dure
in Florence

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My profile

Annette T. Keller –
Get to know me
and my work

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I focus on multispectral imaging and virtual restoration

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More than 1000 works of
art: Paintings, textiles, sculptures, frescos, bronzes, works in marble, stone and terracotta

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